Rides in July and August

It's high summer now, and our July and August rides lists are now available. Our headline message this month is an urgent call for Sunday leaders. All of our Sunday rides need a leader which means we need about ten of you to volunteer to lead a ride. Please contact Rupert, our runs secretary, (Contact details) if you can lead one of these rides, or if you are thinking about leading a ride but would like some more information.

12th July: Riding home along the busway

A welcome highlight over the summer are two Sunday home teas - one in Swavesey and one in Over. For the 12th July home tea we have two Sunday rides as usual (all-day and afternoon-only), but for the 16th August 16 tea we have three rides, including a "challenging" all-day ride to tempt the more adventurous riders to go a bit further (ride details).

Meanwhile we have our usual range of Tuesday and Thursday rides, with the Thursday rides getting a little bit longer to take advantage of the longer warmer days. Wednesday evening rides are a weekly event over the summer and there are two Saturday social rides each month.

Latest ride reports from the CTC Cambridge Blog

26 Jul: Sunday afternoon ride to Wicken
John writes: As I waited at Brookside I watched a stream of waterproof-clad cyclists winkle their way through the log-jammed traffic towards Midsummer Common, the endpoint of the Bike Events London-Cambridge bike ride. (more)

26 Jul: Sunday morning ride to Newmarket
Nigel writes: With an area of low pressure sitting right on top of the British Isles, the summary from the weather forecast was that there would be "no sign of summer" until it went away. (more)

23 Jul: Thursday ride to Cottenham and Ely
Edward writes: This Thursday we took the rare step of venturing north of Cambridge by going into the Fens for our journey to Cottenham and Ely. (more)

22 Jul: Evening ride to Newton
Nigel writes: This evening's ride took us south of Cambridge and into the chalk hills that lie along the border with Essex. The (more)

19 Jul: Sunday afternoon ride to Ashdon
Ray writes: After last week's drenching, I had been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for today. Earlier in the week it looked (more)